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Find, compare and save on a fire alarm system in your local area. Get information on the design, installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and monitoring of industrial and commercial fire alarm systems. Learn about fire detection, suppression, prevention, and life safety systems. Find a manufacturer, distributor, contractor, provider or companies in your local area.

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire alarm design, installation and upgrade must be performed with the assistance of a licensed fire alarm engineer. The NFPA-72 code contains the requirements for the system designer. It states "Fire alarm system plans and specifications shall be developed in accordance with this code by a person who is experienced in the proper design, installation and testing of fire alarm systems." A commercial fire alarm design must be performed by a licensed fire protection engineer (FPE) or electrical engineer with knowledge of the current federal, state and local codes. The engineer is responsible for the design and overall operation of the fire system while the contractor is responsible for installation and specific operation. It is a must that the engineer have a precise understanding of the applicable fire code along with the interface and interaction of a fire alarm system to other building life safety devices such as smoke detection, fire suppression, elevator, heating, ventilation and air control systems.

Service and Maintenance

To be in compliance, industrial or commercial fire alarms must be serviced and maintained by a certified contractor to peak condition to ensure full operational capability. Regular maintenance ensures that all components and devices on the security system will work in accordance design and code NFPA-72. A malfunctioning fire system can be as dangerous and expensive as a fire, and put your occupants lives at risk. For reference, a addressable fire system is easier to service but more expensive than a conventional fire system.

Testing with Inspections

Fire alarm systems must be inspected and tested on a regular schedule to be in compliance with the fire code NFPA-72. Without a properly maintained system, you could be exposing your business and occupants to increased risk. Early detection is vital and prevention is the key to the overall safety of occupants in your building. Inspection and testing saves lives and property while reducing your liability. It is required that all inspection and testing be performed by the licensed fire alarm provider to keep you in compliance.

Manuals for Programming

Download the installation, operation, programming and user manual for your particular industrial or commercial fire system. In addition, download the fire alarm programming software for remote uploading or downloading the system.

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