Home Fire Alarm

Nothing is more important than you and your families protection. With this in mind, every household should have an installed home fire alarm system to ensure that you have covered in case of fire. In a matter of seconds, fire can consume a room and spread to others area's of the house thus devastating your possessions and possibly endangering lives. Having a professional home fire alarm system can reduce the chances of injury and loss of property in the event of fire.

  • Home fire is the 5th leading cause of death
  • Fire is the 1st leading cause of death for children under 15
  • 80% of all home fire deaths occur while you sleep
  • Two out of five fires are started by children playing with fire
  • It is estimate that 900 elderly die from fire each year

Make sure you have a fire plan for your residence. For maximum coverage, consider installing a smoke detector in each room, floor, halls, stairways, bedrooms and living areas.  To be safe, install heat detectors in sensitive places where smoke detector are not optimal. Only a licensed fire alarm contractor can review your home and recommend the most cost effective solution for your needs according of the national fire code. Protect your family before its too late.