fire alarm testing

Fire Alarm Testing

Per the NFPA-72 fire code, all industrial and commercial fire alarm system must be tested on a regular basis.  A well maintained and tested fire system saves lives while reducing overall liability.  There are many important reasons to test your system which includes.

  • Meet federal, state and local requirements
  • Meet requirement of insurance carriers
  • Limit liability for potential injuries
  • Ensure your business is clean for occupation
  • Satisfy the requirements of the NFPA-72 code

Operational fire systems comprise of various devices that require different testing procedures and frequencies.  Be familiar with the current codes and ordinances to reduce your liability and or fines associated with outdated inspection, repair and maintenance.  According to code, a licensed fire contractor will perform the testing and is required to post a copy of the report in the log book located at the fire panel.  Below is the NFPA-72 testing schedule.

Weekly Testing

Visual inspection of fire panel trouble signals

Quarterly Testing

Visual inspection of all fire sprinkler devices connected to the system. This includes the water flow switches and valve tamper switches. Test of the fire pump monitored points for loss of phase, phase reversal and pump running.

Semi Annual Testing

Test of sprinkler water flow switches (physically flow water or manually trip tampers)
Test of sprinkler valve tamper switches that operates valves
Visual inspection of the rechargeable fire alarm battery for swelling or loose connections
Test batteries for voltage load

Annual Testing

Test and visual inspect fire control panel for troubles
Test fire control panel battery charger
Fire alarm battery discharge testing
Test and visual inspection of horns, strobes, chimes and bells
Test and visual inspection of smoke detectors
Test and visual inspection of heat detectors
Test and visual inspection of duct detectors
Test and visual inspection of electromechanical releasing devices(Solenoid)
Test and visual inspection of the fire alarm voice evacuation system

Other Testing

Replace the rechargeable lead acid battery every 5 years
Clean smoke detectors and replace after 10 years of service